Stramonium is Best Homeopathy Nightmares Remedy

A nightmare is a disagreeable dream that can root a sturdy emotional reply from the mind, naturally fear or shock but also despondency, anxiety and immense unhappiness. The dream may contain state of risk, worry, psychological or physical fear. Victims often get up in a state of agony and may not return to sleep for a long-standing period.

Night terrors and nightmares can occur around the age of 18 to 36 months, when the infant begins to walk and talk.

Night mare

The two main Homeopathy remedies for Nightmares are :


A person’s psychomotor … Read the rest

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My mom suffering from Breast cancer Homeopathy please

My mom suffering from Breast cancer, now it has spread towards her bones entire skull, bilateral humerus, bilateral, clavicle, bilateral scapula, sternum, multiple bilateral ribs, entire spinal column, and bilateral femur represents metastasis.

we are already taking hydrastis canadensis 1M, phytolacca 1M, Thuja 1M, Pain relief eupatorium perfoliatum, conium maculatum 200 for lump in her breast, syphilinum 1M for long bone pains in the night and aggravation, Ruta G 1M for bone strengthening, The problem we have is we don know if the potency is right are the dosage time is wrong, we give Hydra, phy, thuja together after breakfast and

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Worn Infection Homeopathic Medicine Please

Dear Dr, i have been suffering from parasitic infection that have not been dictated. Every diagnosis have returned negative. The parasites are long and crawling all over my body. Most annoyingly is the crawling in my scalp which causes me a lot pain and odor. Several doctors think am halucinating but am slowly lossing focus and self confidence. I just did an endoscopy and there was no parasite in my large intestine. I have large skin rash all over my body. i have tried different antifungal drugs but they only made the parasites dry. The only thing that seems to be … Read the rest
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My father 62 yrs in age has been diagnosed with brain meningioma – atypical and though we are taking homeopathy medicine from a specailised homeopathy at Ludhiana wo has cured many cases of Brain Tumour & cancer without surgery, I want to know as if it is really true and my father can be well without surgery ?

Please revert asap.


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The Bechterev syndrome Homeopathic Treatment

I’m not a doctor but I deal with homeopathy for more than 28 years …
I not deal with the diagnosis but the symptoms that the patient has .
The Bechterev syndrome : 32 -year-old client of mine , who was treated for 6 years and came to me , I brought the first homeopathic based on the total withdrawal of the case. I recommended him Magnesium muriaticum 30C , 200C and 1M – the partial orphan and neglected mother. Subsequently , he lost his job after a year , again got to the point where he could not move. … Read the rest
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Anxiety and panic attacks Homeopathic Treatment Please

Since five years am suffereing with stiffness in lower extremeties with feeling of Hard skin and or soreness of foot soles.Had fluctuating HIgh BP & prediabetic but since 2/3 months BP and diabetes are normal owing my 100% natural raw food diet.
Some 2 months before I started getting anxiety and panic attacks,which are responeded well with Aconite 200 and 1M but had to repeated after 6/7 days.Please instruct me further for details of my symptoms.… Read the rest
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Birth Hypoxia Homeopathic Treatment please

Dear Dr.
My 6 yrs daughter, home delivery, suffered birth hypoxia followed by resperatory problem, admitted at hospital day second of birth, remain 4 day in ventilator and hospitalised for 50 days. Severe jaundice from the very begining. Now jaundice is ok after taking homeopathic medicines. But till now she cant walk, speak, severe mental retardation, global developmental delay. Seizure at 3 yrs and alopathic medicines like valporin and clozapam is contineous and no seizure. According to Dr. this is due to oxygen problem. Dr. pl. advice me is there any definite treatment witb u or therwise as i am in … Read the rest
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Medial Meniscus Grade 3 Tear -Homepathic Treatment please

Dear Doctor

I was fallen on ground and injured my right knee. At that time knee got swollen and I had pain. I used ice which get better result and my swelling got removed. However, I now could not walk easily & smoothly with right knee, cannot climb on stair and cannot twist fully. On MRI it has revealed grade 3b tear (Posterior horn of medial meniscus with small paramenical cyst). I also come to know that medial menicsus (innner side) have no blood supply and therefore it cannot heal itself. Doctor advise arthoscopy which i could not want to undergo.

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Bed Wetting in Adults and Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is best method to cure Bed Wetting in children as well adults. Bed Wetting is also called Nocturnal enuresis. Bed wetting is common in children but is not uncommon in adults. Today I would like to present a case of Adult Bed Wetting. The patient is an House wife. she is the wife of a school teacher. She is using Homeopathic medicines for anxiety neurosis, antral gastritis and bronchial asthma. But nothing is cured with Homeopathic medicines which I have selected since many days. The patient is a very anxious women of age 25 years. I know that she … Read the rest

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