Relief of Sciatic nerve pain with Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy Sciatica Remedies works wonderfully in curing the disease. Relief of Sciatic nerve pain with Homeopathy is not difficult.Example is I have treated a case of sciatica recently. Mr.J.S is suffering from Sciatica pain on right side. His MRI Spine reveals that there are multiple disc degenerations. Lumbar disc bulge is also noted. The patient is unable to walk with Sciatica pain. He is almost bed ridden with sciatica pain since ten days.

The patient attendants approached me with reports. They explained the condition of the sciatica patient. I asked about the general symptoms to know the constitution of the patient. … Read the rest

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Homeopathy Stress Remedies for Permanent Cure

Stress in nothing but a way of bodies response to demand or threat. Our nervous system manage the stress by releasing number of Hormones.Stress may be positive or negative depending on the situation demand. The hormones released by our body also defers depending on the type of stress. Main hormones involved in stress management are Adrenaline and Cortisol.Homeopathy Stress Remedies  especially works on the Hormone imbalance that causes stress. There by cure the symptoms of stress permanently.

Homeopathy Stress and Anxiety Treatment:

Most stress symptoms manifest themselves as mental and emotional states. Which have become exaggerated beyond the control of the … Read the rest

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About Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD (Homeo)

I am Dr.Devendra Kumar, I am a Homeopathic physician. I pursued my BHMS degree from Dr.Gururaju Govt Homeopathic Medical College,Gudivada and MD Homeopathy from JSPS Govt Homeopathic Medical College,Hyderabad,India.
After completion of MD Homeopathy, I worked as Senior Research Fellow under Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, during this period I worked with Baba Atomic Research Centre scientists in Mumbai for 2 years; I was worked for the project “Fundamental Research “in Homeopathy. Our study related to measuring physiological variability in Heart Rate and Blood Flow after giving Homeopathic medicine to human subjects with the equipment called Medical Analyzer, developed by … Read the rest

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Homeopathic case treatment for Cysticercosis

I have had MRI, X-ray, stool and blood test, and all have been negative. I have a bony elevation on my left clavicle that simply appeared one day, as well as a large lump beneath my left elbow. My motor skills in my left hand are decreasing, and I feel movement in the lump. I also feel movement in most of my joints, and my gait is unsteady at best. I am getting weaker, and frustrated. Even my naturopath doesn’t listen. I saw your remedy using wormwood, 30 thrice daily. Is it for 30 drops, mg, not sure how the … Read the rest
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Ankylosing spondylitis with vertigo Homeopathic Treatment please

i am in chennai. i am affected with AS from 1994.severe pain in initial stages.but the past ten years i am completly pain free only i got pain in my right sacrolic joint but my neck totally fused in 1994 itself but other joints are normel exept spine.for the past one year i have imbalance its severe and sometimes my right ear got fullness.. is there my fused neck cured and my imbalance also.… Read the rest
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Homeopathic Treatment for Heel pain case

I came to know about your expertise in heel pain through website. I am suffering from Heel Pain for the last 12 years. Till today I have not got proper treatment and my pain is gradually increasing. Initially my pain started in right heel and now I have pain in both heel. In the beginning, I experienced heel pain during morning but now I have pain all through the day. When I sit for longer period and then stand and walk the pain is severe and it gradually decreases when I walk for some time. But pain does never subsides … Read the rest
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Poor Uriflow and Bladder neck obstruction Homeopathic Treatment please

My date of birth is 10-06 1975
Patient History:
At the age of 7 i was having epilepsy problem and used to suffer from fits once in 2-3 months for which i took treatment for 2 years and it was cured.
In 2005 : i was diagnosed with the stone 0f 4 mm which was also cured but after 6 months i suffered with burning in urination soon the burning urination was accompanied with burning ejaculation and i went for semen dna pcr in march 2007 which came positive for semenial tuberculosis.I took tuberculosis treatment for 6 months and burning was … Read the rest
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Paralysis Patient Homeopathic treatment Please

Dear Sir,

This is a serious patient. Name is Mnm, age: 55+ Govt. Service holder always lying in the bed under site as like as paralysis. He is very weak and most of the time feels vomiting. He cannot move without any helping.
Pls following the problems:
1) Urine is passing continue drop to drop.
2) Toilet is not clear. Toilet most of the time is off, one time is toilet  AFTER 15 OR 20, 25-30 DAYS.
3) He always tell to all I will not become good. I shall not live. I shall die.
4) Sleeping is not clear.

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I had two red & dry patches on cheeks -Homeopathic Treatment please

I am 24 years old girl, before 6 months I had two red & dry patches on cheeks. I went to doctor and prescribed me to use desowen cream. After application for two days the patches started increase and the region of both full cheeks became red and highly inflamed, itchy and swelled. My derma was shocked from this side effect of desowen cream. Now my situation is that before this problem my skin was oily but now its too dry and facial redness over cheeks and forehead is still present. I used dermocalm ,elovera skin lotion but no effect … Read the rest
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