Bed Wetting in Adults and Homeopathic Treatment

Bed wetting and Homeopathy
Bed Wetting in Adult and Homeopathic Remdies

Homeopathic treatment is best method to cure Bed Wetting in children as well adults. Bed Wetting is also called Nocturnal enuresis. Bed wetting is common in children but is not uncommon in adults. Today I would like to present a case of Adult Bed Wetting. The patient is an House wife. she is the wife of a school teacher. She is using Homeopathic medicines for anxiety neurosis, antral gastritis and bronchial asthma. But nothing is cured with Homeopathic medicines which I have selected since many days. The patient is a very anxious women of age 25 years. I know that she is a patient with lack of self confidence.

One days she came to my clinic along with her husband. He told me that she is suffering with bed wetting since one week. She felt very shy of revealing her nocturnal enuresis symptoms. Homeopathy has many more remedies which work on cure of bed wetting.  But Silicea is the Homeopathic Remedy especially cure wetting the bed in women.

What is nocturnal enuresis?

Passing urine involuntary during night in bed is called Nocturnal enuresis. The cause for wetting the bed is mostly the problem with urinary bladder. The over active bladder causes bedwetting. The parasympathetic nerves in the urinary bladder wall responds involuntarily during sleep. Foreign bodies, pin worms are the cause for excessive stimulation of urinary bladder.But in case of adult women the cause for bedwetting may be enlarged uterus. Pressure caused by uterus on the urinary bladder can produce nocturnal enuresis. In the similar way enlarged prostrate can be the cause for bed wetting in adult male. In this women the cause of wetting the bed is weakness in urinary bladder.

Homeopathic Treatment for Bed wetting:

Homeopathy for bedwetting is excellent choice both in adult women and male. Homeopathic remedies reduce the irritability in bladder nerves to cure the persistent bedwetting. Most people use bed wetting alarms to get up to escape from urinary leakage on bed. But Homeopathic medicines make you to avoid bed wetting alarams. Properly selected Homeopathic remedy for bed wetting will get up you from sleep automatically. Using Homeopathic remedies I had successfully treated some cases of girls wetting the bed.

Homeopathic Remedies for Bed wetting:

In this particular case of women urinary leakage I have used SILICEA 200c just single dose of 2 pills freshly medicated. Next day onward urinary leakage has been stopped. As I have told she suffered from bronchial asthma, stress and anxiety symptoms. Asthmatic symptoms are returned for two days after a dose of Silicea. Those are symptoms suppressed with allopathic treatment. She feel very happy and peaceful after Homeopathic treatment for bed wetting.

Other Homeopathic Medicines for Wetting the Bed in adults:

Lac Caninum is best Homeopathic medicine for wetting the bed in adults. These people often suffer from vertigo with feeling of floating in air. Another important symptom to select Lac Caninum in nocturnal enuresis of adults is ‘symptoms alternate from one side to another’.

Secale Carnutum is also a very good Homeopathic remedy for bed wetting in old people. The nocturnal enuresis in secal car patients in from paralysis of bladder. These patients discharge black blood from urinary bladder.

Sepia and Kreosutum are also great Homeopathic Medicines for urinary incontinence in bed. These patients often have dream of urination just before bed wetting.

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  1. Dave McLeod

    My wife Desire’ is suffering from incontinence age 69 is there a homeopathic cure for this. your assistance would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Dave, Yes incontinence URINE at the age of 69 can be cured with Homeopathic Medicines. Allium cepa, Arsenicum album, arum muriaticum, Iodium, secale car and Thuja are best Homeopathic medicines for old people urine involuntary. Let me know more symptoms to suggest best Homeopathic remedy in her Urine incontinence.

  2. Great information it is really. My girlfriend has been waiting for this information.

  3. deepthi

    Very good on bed wetting and Homeopathic treatment. Thanks for very good information.

  4. Bilal

    Silicea is only for women or for men too? I am a male of 37. have this problem since i was a small kid. for few year it stoped but it started again. I feel very thirsty and that’s why i drink about 12 big glasses of water every day. I am also a deep sleeper.

  5. Shyam Purohit

    Respected Dr. Devendra
    I am 64 year old man and having bed wetting problem for last six months.
    Kindly suggest me some medicine and how to them.
    With regards
    Shyam purohit

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