My husband was recently diagnosed with Sarcoidosis

Dear Doctor- My husband, age 51, never smoked, otherwise healthy, was recently diagnosed with sarcoidosis as the result of a CT scan to diagnose a kidney stone. Additionally, he had a biopsy confirming. No symptoms except some wheezing during sleep/lying down. I am excited to find your paper on the efficacy of homeopathic treatments for sarcoidosis. We eat a very healthy diet, no processed foods, rarely white flours, etc. Heavy on organic vegetables, etc. We use kefir made from raw grass-fed Jersey cows, kombucha and other fermented foods. Pulmonologist recommends testing w/ cardiologist as well as ophthalmologist to make sure heart … Read the rest
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my wife aged (38) years suffering from Sarcoidosis

We live in Hyderabad, Telangana my wife aged (38) years suffering from Sarcoidosis, this has been diagonised in early this month,though we have been treating for lungs diseases because of difficult breating and fever using Steroids (Medrol) for the past (4) months, the new Pulmonogolist has suggested to stop the steroid and gave other medicine.

She is having difficult in breath, fever, body pains, joint pains, dry cough, red patches on skin (leg), wait loss, sir, we are not able to understand what to do.

Kindly advise the Medicine Sir.

with regards,

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This is with reference to Sugar for my father

Dear Sir;

This is with reference to Sugar for my father.
Today we had gone to the blood clince and below are the test results
Fasting Blood Sugar: 98/ mg/dl (Reference Range 70-105)
Fasting Urine Sugar: Nil
Post Prandial Blood Sugar: 175 mg/dl (Reference Range 100-160)
Please suggest the medicine for the above sugar results for 1 month till the next sugar test sir.

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My son who only 20 have been diagnosis with a condition or disease Rhabdomyolysis

My son who only 20 have been diagnosis with  a condition or disease Rhabdomyolysis, he have loss  please help me with any type of homeopathy that can help him.  He have loss ten pounds in three weeks,He look very skinnie and can hardly work. Losing muscle mass real bad and feel weak. I have never heard of this before.

Please help me with any information that you can inform me with it.


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Recorded documentattion of Spine Muscular Atrophy

He had been born on 19.5.2006 and the delivery  was normal  with usage of  forceps.Heweighed 3.5kg during the time of his birth.He had obtained head control in 3-4 months         rolling in 4-5 months         sitting position in 7monthsBut till date he has not been able to stand by himself unless offered support i.e he is notable to bear weight on legs by himself It had also been observed that his lower limbs activityis lesser and he tries to take both his lower limbs with his hands.His hip portion is some whatspongy type and carries … Read the rest
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Motor Neuron Diseases and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis treatment

Motor Neuron Diseases and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Dear Dr,I got your ref through website and net surfing. My Mom In law is detected with ALS. I think you have done some research in ALS. I have certain questions. 1. Is homeopathy useful in this? 2. If yes than up to what extent i.e. can it cure ALS 3. Can we consult you for same?

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Prader-Willi syndrome.

Dear Sir,
Prader-Willi syndrome

This is JM. I live in hyderabad , India and work as software professional. My son (3.5 Years) is suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome. I read your blog on PWS. You prescribed some medicine. Right now we are taking some homoeopathy medicine for weight loss. I want to consult you if there is any medicine for PWS or to control weight and appetite. These days we need to monitor my Son as frequently as possible if now he will try to eat whatever he finds. We are desperately looking for any sort of medicine that can control his

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My liver is damaged due to sarcoidosis(steriods)
Need discussion about its treatment,i m abit confused actually
currently a doctor at pant hospital is calling me for observation by giving inj pantopragole(80 mg)and methylprednicolone but i am confused as other doctors to whom i have referred have asked me not to go for any kind of aloepathic medicines
i will be highly obliged if u give me your helpful suggestions

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