Feel really lucky to come across your article online. Too generous of u to share your knowledge for the needy like me, though I did not understand all the points. Let me not take much of your time, I (female, 33) am on ‘med’ for about a year, but my homeo doctor is no longer available for her personnel reason, being the reason for this request for help from u. 
Medorrhinum type: took 4times already for warts, renal calculi)
HEAD: pain from back side, more and sure on thursdays and whenever we have an outing plan 
wandering tooth ache

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tooth break

I had a break in my tooth which then led to infection. My (new) dentist very carefully did root canal treatment and I had a course of antibiotics which was not sufficient. I then moved on to taking Streptococcinum 200/1M/10M, but it still didn’t settle. I then moved onto LM potencies and it cleared up enough for my dentist to complete the work. 

Now, however, it is throbbing again but with no pain as he has killed the nerves. 

Have I taken the wrong dosage? I am an osteopath here in the UK, and did some homeopathic training but didn’t finish. 

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