I was having Urticaria since 3 years not able to find what food is causing this urticaria.

History of Presenting Complaints:
I was having Urticaria 3 years before in 2011 for me.
Even at that time also i was not able to find what food is causing this urticaria aggravate to such level.
I used to get whole body with the hives except on Face, palms and on foots.
I used to get itching all over the body.
I took some medication and after that i didn’t get much except recently.
Homeopathy for Urticaria.

Past History:
I don’t know any diseases in near past I suffered, except with migraine(for the first time) one year back.
And four years

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I am 28 year old boy my problem is eczema and itching on entire body


I am 28 year old boy.my problem is eczema and itching on entire body from scalp to legs. it has been happening for last two winter seasons that as soon as winter starts body gets dry, ads severe eczema starts.warm food like chocolates and dry fruits aggravate problem. gets better in summer and worse in summer. used sulfur 200 3 doses a little improvement felt but not complete.used psorinum 1m and petroleum 1m as well. i do feel some stomach disturbance as well spicy hot food aggravate my problem.kindly suggest some alternate medicine. thanks.

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My joint pains are due to Scalp psoriasis

Helo doctor,
I have 2 silvery preached dandruff on my scalp almost since 10 years.  I’m using medicated shapoo and lotions by consulting dermatologist.
Joint pains started on my left knee 10 years ago and it on the right knee also since 2 years. So both knees,both Thumb joints on my feet with inflammation and pain.
Have back pain on my left side ( back and front at the Rib case ) starting from my neck till the tail bone and left leg joint. These are only since 3 years. All the pain aggravates during day time from morning to 3 … Read the rest
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Dyshydrotic Eczema

Dyshydrotic Eczema

Respected Sir,
Age- 27
Sex- Male
Symptoms- My palm skin was dry, rough and sore with tendency to develop tiny papules within dermis, which have severe itching and burning. These papules have tendency to develop into blisters. After scratching, the hard dry crusts were developed. At some places, the skin had become thick due to scratching. The itching was felt too deep in skin difficult to scratch it.

Sir, Awaiting the response at your end.

With Regards,

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I have been looking for a remedy for bug bites,

I have been looking for a remedy for bug bites, that are extremely itchy and have been acquired in the bed.
my daughter, age 9 has them very bad and I gave him Ledum 30c, but it didn’t seem to help. then reading more, I gave him apis 30c. the itching woke him in the night. I then read more this morning and decided to administer staphisagria 30c.
so far he is distracted with a computer to keep him from itching. do you have any advice?

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Light Patches on Face

I have struggled with light patches on my face for the past year. I am 8 months pregnant and the situation has only gotten worse. I have had a skin biopsy which test positive for fungus, but I feel my light patches on my face are different. I am applying ginger and taking my vitamins but I have not seen any improvements. I can send pictures to illustrate. Please help.

I am working on the attachment.  Meanwhile here are some pics. I have light patches on my face, and dime sized bumps that form a circle from head to toe.

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Skin Problem

I have congenital ichthyoids inherited from father. 

Special observations.

Child hood: I had very dry scaly skin but not at birth it developed later.

Important childhood event:
I think my problem is mostly of hereditary in nature.
However at the age of 3 (Three), I had suffered due to side effects of Vaccination and also due to i had spider bite- i had fever for 3-4 months or so. I became thin and week. Later I was given homeopathic medicines – but do not know which they were.
I grew as a sincere intelligent, honest, straight forward, quite, obedient child,

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