i have diabetes level 2 for last 5 years and now suffering left foot injury during my prayer, i have too pain but before i have RBS level 293 and now reduced to 162. How i can manage my sugar level and also to protect from inflamation and other foot injury. As well weakness for body and specially for my eyes. For last 3 years my eye sight was 6/6 but now i am using optics for +2. Awaiting your guideance.

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HomeopAthic medicine for Diabetes

 Name Amir Razaq
Country Pakistan
Subject Homeopathic medicine for diabetes
Message Dear Dr.
I am having high levels of glucose in blood which average 140 in fasting and 190 after two hours of meal. My parents also have diabetes. Moreover, i very often caught in sore throat and flu in winter season. I have loose some weight also in due course of time may be due to diabetes. The glucose level sometimes comes to normal if i eat less/moderate and have some 20-30 minutes walk. Please suggest some good homeopathic medicine for me. This is the first time i am consulting a
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Inherited Diabetes from parents.

My Name   Asad Ali
Country   Pakistan
My Email ID   ————
Phone   ————
Subject   Diabetic
Message   Dear Sir,
I am 27 years old and and have inherited the diabetes from parents. Please suggest me the potency of Dr Wilmar Schwabe’s Syzygium jambolanum medicine. I have fasting glucose level of average 130 and average 200 after two hours of meal. Thanks in advance
Remedy   Suggest medicine for me
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Diabetes Mellitus Case

My Name*: ………………
Country*: india
My Email ID*: ……………..
Phone*: ……………..
Subject*: diabetic
Message*: I am having blood sugar fasting 190 and random 296 and I am taking Gliciphase 2 tabs and amlobet for bp bp is 120/80 how to control the sugar level and also i am taking Syzygium jambolanum 4 tabs and BC7 8 tabs per day pl sugest me to control the sugar level For your information I am walking daily 45 mts yours murali
Remedy*: Suggest medicine for me
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