Diarrhea ,bloating,stomach fullness

age :23
height :5’10"
weight :55 kg
I m suffering from stomach problem and diarrhea from last five years .
I m getting much weaker and weaker ,specially after 
loose motion .when diarrhea continues for some days continuously.
i loose weight about 10- 12 kg in this time period .
I feel weakness ,physically weakness
I feel dificulty in siiting for long time ,or studing more than 1 hour hour .
My nature is aggressive ,every time i feel anger .
Easily irritate by small things,events or happening 
I m suffering from loose motion and finding a cure

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hello Dr. Kumar
I am female, 52 yrs in menopause 5foot 6 inches tall
179 pounds, I gained 50 pounds in the past 2 years to 210 i’ve lost now to 179 would like to lose more but it is difficult. I have light colored hair, blue eyes, fair skin
hypo thyroid 120 mg natural thyroid med past 15 yrs
my problems are
diahrrea past 7yrs urgent watery stools with undigested food several times a day, sometimes at night
night sweats, hot flashes
always tired, no energy, not rested after sleep
cannot focus, difficult to finish anything once i start

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Case of distended stomach and diarrhea

  Name Hema
Country USA
Subject Case of distended stomach and diarrhea
Message I am a house wife with 3 children i was leading normal life and then my case got messed up by over usage of remedies. I dont have any abnormal labs but i feel very week and could not able to digest food without the help of remedies.

Please let me know how do you take the case.

Remedy Suggest medicine for me
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