Worn Infection Homeopathic Medicine Please

Dear Dr, i have been suffering from parasitic infection that have not been dictated. Every diagnosis have returned negative. The parasites are long and crawling all over my body. Most annoyingly is the crawling in my scalp which causes me a lot pain and odor. Several doctors think am halucinating but am slowly lossing focus and self confidence. I just did an endoscopy and there was no parasite in my large intestine. I have large skin rash all over my body. i have tried different antifungal drugs but they only made the parasites dry. The only thing that seems to be … Read the rest
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Chronical Amoebiasis

I have had mild to severe pain along my outer L. leg, below the butt.(sciatica, I don’t think it is) and infrequently it seems along the entire leg. Recently some tingling at bottom of L. foot while walking. My inner R. Knee pains & seems to be swollen at times, running can be painful & difficult on certain days. Digestion is NOT optimal. Reduced concentrating ability. Quite active out of the house but once in just wants to sleep. Do not take but do take some herbal supplements.
Thank you in advance for your help.… Read the rest
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Severe hyper-acidity, yawning excessively around 100 times a day,

I am vice Principal at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pitampura . I am facing very great difficulty about my health.
I am a patient of severe hyper-acidity, yawning excessively around 100 times a day, feel my brain empty every time, some time giddiness. When I speech on stage of school for any information. I feel very stressful and can not speak properly.
Please help me out. I shall be very thankful to you.

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Hyperactivity in Children

1. Male, age 7.5 yrs, lean and weighing 23 kg, height 125 c.m.….. 
. Hyperactive- cannot sit still for even five minutes, must do some physical activity. If forced to sit still, either he is tapping his feet, and/or doing some thing with hands, shifting his body postures. Sitting still only in front of watching t.v.
. Even inside the house, never does walking, but always keeps running, jumping, bouncing and rolling his body. While doing so he does not care that he may hurt himself in the process. 
. Moves around constantly, often runs or climbs inappropriately. 
. While playing

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