Poor Uriflow and Bladder neck obstruction Homeopathic Treatment please

My date of birth is 10-06 1975
Patient History:
At the age of 7 i was having epilepsy problem and used to suffer from fits once in 2-3 months for which i took treatment for 2 years and it was cured.
In 2005 : i was diagnosed with the stone 0f 4 mm which was also cured but after 6 months i suffered with burning in urination soon the burning urination was accompanied with burning ejaculation and i went for semen dna pcr in march 2007 which came positive for semenial tuberculosis.I took tuberculosis treatment for 6 months and burning was … Read the rest
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Prostate Gland enlarged Homeopathic treatment without side effects please

Dear Sir,

Kindly note the details information of this patient.
1) Prostate Gland increased: from 8 to 10 years
2) Kidney, from 6 months. ( two times dialysis per week present time and 2 to 3 kgs water out from his body)
3) Heart problem
4) Diabetes from 10 to 12 years
5) High Blood Pressure from 14 to 15 years
6) Neck pain
7) Cough ** (serious) from 25 years. Once he was great smoker but recently there is no this habit.
Tools : hard
Thirsty is very high.
Urine is very less i.e. 5/6/7/8 drops **
Sleeping: Ok

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undergone surgery for enlarged prostrate 4 yrs back for urine retention

Dear Dr,
I am 74 yrs old Indian citizen currently  staying in Dubai with my wife, son and his family.
I am sorry that my email is going to be very lengthy and it will take you sum time to read. But i think it will help you to evaluate me properly.
 I retired from business about 12 yrs back in unpleasant circumstances. Before this i was quite fit and lived very busy and tuff life. Currently i am doing nothing except buying household requirements nearby reading newspaper, watching T.V and praying and life is on the whole very boring. Most … Read the rest
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Case of 4 year old boy suffering from Neurogenic Bladder

Case Presentation:

My son has borne with Myelomeningocele and has been operated on his day 1 for sack like ending at end of spinal cord. He is presently having the issue of frequent urine dribbling or leak with his conscious along with motion control. Is their any solution for this kind of problem in homeopathy. I am from vijayawada, Andhra pradesh. Request to know of means available for this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Related Medical Information and references:
Lower Motor Neuron Lesions:
Incontinence results from damage to the somatic afferent and efferent pathways to the
striated sphincter musculature

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Penis is circuitous and pain Please suggest Homeopathy

Dear Sir,
Penis pain
Penis pain

Hope everything is going fine with you.
Kindly follow up the case history of new patient:
Name: Sf. Age: 50, occupation : agriculture. He is the father of 4 children.
1) Penis is circuitous & pain: He did not suffer any disease before. But he had a Rash on the penis next it is increased as like pungent lastly now : the penis is circuitous and very pain when it is standing.

2) When the penis is stay short he feels comport and no problem. But, when it is standing feels discomfort and very pain & circuitous.

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Neurogenic Bladder (flaccid bladder) and constipation

Sir, I cannot full empty my bladder. I am 36 years old from Pakistan working in Saudi Arabia, and due to severe anxiety and depression, which I suffered for 20 years before my bladder is not fully emptied. I am suffering from severe postvoid dribbling, going again and again to bathroom for urination. I have my tests done cystoscopy, urodynamics and uroflow five years ago and they say everything is fine but problem is very severe. They asked me to do chronic intermittent catheterization and no other solution but I am not doing it as I can empty my bladder but … Read the rest
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I would plee for Your homeopathic advice to my brother 44 years, regarding urethral stenosis

I would plee for Your homeopathic advice to my brother 44 y.o. regarding urethral stenosis, due to misplaced usage of the urethral catheter during his semicomatous state over left occipital cerebral haemorrhage, in August 2011.
I used to call upon Your vast homeopathic empiria several times, from time to time, whenever my brother used to visit me. He is insulin dependent diabetec for more than 25 years, badly regulated with 5 times dayly insulin injections. Also he had been shot in the third left thoracic vertebra, 1mm
Urethral Stenosis Homeopathy
Urethral Stenosis

next to vertebral column, with a piece of a grenade, during civil

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Pus cells in urine

Dear Sir,

Good day to you and your staf.

I hope you are well by the grace of All Mighty. I need your help. My patient name is Mr. Karamot Ali, Age 42 his urin report R/M/E 8-10 pus cell. I gave firstly acid nit 200 next mercsol 30 recently given Thuja 1m 1drop i.e. 1 dose but no cure test result pus cell 8-10. Pls suggest me what can I do ? in this matter.

Pus cells urine – Pain

Other history : He is not a bad man and not bad habit.
2) He has been suffering for 4-5

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I am not able to control my desire to indulgence in masturbation


I am not able to control my desire to indulgence in masturbation. If i do not do it for a couple of days, my penis starts paining and i feel very much irritated day long.


last year, was admitted in an hospital for dengue fever, there i was had to abstain from this bad habit for almost a week and then when i returned home i was actually maddened by the desire
i continuously had wet dreams(thought i do not have them regularly), and the penis kept paining all the times.
So i also want to control and stop

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