Granulosa Cell Tumor left Ovary Suggest me Homeopathic Remedy Please

Patient Case Sheet

Name: RKD
Occupation:House wife
Phone No:——–
Email ID:——
Presenting Complaints:                                            →                                          

——-First  I  was  having  PCOD  problems and  my  periods  was  irregular. And I  went  for  infertility  treatment and  undergone  IUI for  three  times again there was  spotting .After which i went for scan and it is recognized  there was enlargement in

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I have been getting terrible itching of the left side of vulva – Homeopathy Help

I have been getting terrible itching of the left side of vulva for the last few months, and scratch till it bleeds & burns. I have tried Nat Mur 6x and Kreosotum 30, but with very little relief. Please recommend some medicine for me. Incidentally, I am a hypothyroid case since my thyroid which was malignant was removed (for which I am taking Thyroidinium 3x), and I also had ovarian cancer and had my ovaries & uterus removed. I have a high acidity problem as well.… Read the rest
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i m suffering from irregular menses and pcod

Dear Dr,
im suffering from irregular menses and pcod.
last 3times you had suggested me to take lachesis 1m 3pills and 3rd time i didnt take it because you mentioned that only take it if i suffer from sleeplessness.
i no more suffer from sleeplessness now.

i got periods on 29/6/2015
i had little pain in stomach and slightly lower than normal bleeding for 1st 4days.
5th day i had much stomach pain in morning and little bleeding.
also im having headache i.e pain in both temples.

Please suggest further medicine.
Thanking you.

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Treatment of Fibroadenoma in homeopathy

Hello Doctor.

I am 24 years old girl.I came to know about you on internet.I am suffering from fibroadenoma . i have got operated 4 years back but again after 3 years 2 lups are examined as fibroadenoma in both of my breast, now i do not want get operated again and seeking treatment in homeopathy.
I hope i will get a satisfactory response from your side.
Please suggest me the exact contact no. and address of the hospital where i can consult.

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Doctor advised us to terminate the pregnancy


we had been married in 2002 and my wife could not get pregnant till 2005. In
between we had also consulted a gynecologist here and he said that my wife had
ovarin cyst in the right ovary which required to be operated. The operation had
been done in 2004. In 2005 my wife became pregnant and in 2006 kartik was born.
The delivery was normal but through forceps.

Later on for treatment of kartik, my wife had temporary shifted
to Baroda where she used to carry him daily to the treatment centre and developed
prolapse of uterus.

For this she was

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Doctors find one cyst but they said no need to worry

Good Morning,
1)   We made  CT Scan when my son was 3 years doctors said reports are OK.  They find one cyst but they said no need to worry.  This type of Cysts will find in some people.
2)  My son age was around 6 years seizure came ( In one day 3 times around 7 AM, 12 PM and 5 PM, on that time we admitted him in hospital for one week, for observation, doctors made all the tests EEG, blood tests. Doctors said he has some abnormality in EEG.  They advise to start  Tregritol Syrup everyday 3 times. … Read the rest
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Amenorhea – what homeopathic medicines can i take?


I am a 32 year old female from Delhi. I just read your article on amenorrhea. I am a patient of amennorrhea.

I never get menses and my uterus and ovaries are small, even estrogen and progestrone are less.

please suggest me what homeopathic medicines can i take, my gentic test was fine (chromosomes are there), I am not sure what has lead to amenorhea.

Please help me, I am married and want kids as well.

Please help me.

I dont want to disclose my name (i hope you understand)

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Breast tumour pain

Dear Sir,
My patient name is Shanu. She is 40 years old. Her breast tumour with pain for 3 or 4 years. She took various medicine. Lastly she came to me. I gave her conium first 200c. next conium 1M. (several times) and with biochemic calcarea flr. result was good and she had no pain some days ago. recently found, it will not be removed and pain always. Kindly suggest me any remedy or good suggestion.
I am waiting for your reply.
Yours faithfully,
Dr. K. Ali

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