My father 62 yrs in age has been diagnosed with brain meningioma – atypical and though we are taking homeopathy medicine from a specailised homeopathy at Ludhiana wo has cured many cases of Brain Tumour & cancer without surgery, I want to know as if it is really true and my father can be well without surgery ?

Please revert asap.


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Birth Hypoxia Homeopathic Treatment please

Dear Dr.
My 6 yrs daughter, home delivery, suffered birth hypoxia followed by resperatory problem, admitted at hospital day second of birth, remain 4 day in ventilator and hospitalised for 50 days. Severe jaundice from the very begining. Now jaundice is ok after taking homeopathic medicines. But till now she cant walk, speak, severe mental retardation, global developmental delay. Seizure at 3 yrs and alopathic medicines like valporin and clozapam is contineous and no seizure. According to Dr. this is due to oxygen problem. Dr. pl. advice me is there any definite treatment witb u or therwise as i am in … Read the rest
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Homeopathic case treatment for Cysticercosis

I have had MRI, X-ray, stool and blood test, and all have been negative. I have a bony elevation on my left clavicle that simply appeared one day, as well as a large lump beneath my left elbow. My motor skills in my left hand are decreasing, and I feel movement in the lump. I also feel movement in most of my joints, and my gait is unsteady at best. I am getting weaker, and frustrated. Even my naturopath doesn’t listen. I saw your remedy using wormwood, 30 thrice daily. Is it for 30 drops, mg, not sure how the … Read the rest
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Paralysis Patient Homeopathic treatment Please

Dear Sir,

This is a serious patient. Name is Mnm, age: 55+ Govt. Service holder always lying in the bed under site as like as paralysis. He is very weak and most of the time feels vomiting. He cannot move without any helping.
Pls following the problems:
1) Urine is passing continue drop to drop.
2) Toilet is not clear. Toilet most of the time is off, one time is toilet  AFTER 15 OR 20, 25-30 DAYS.
3) He always tell to all I will not become good. I shall not live. I shall die.
4) Sleeping is not clear.

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I am suffering from acute peripheral Neuropathy -Homeopathic treatment please

I am suffering from acute peripheral neuropathy by a neuro specialist of allopathy.
I always take homeopathy only normally.
My problems are as follows.
I am 80 years old.
No diabetics.
Have chronic injuries. a. Right ankle sprained 70 years back and the calf has emaciated to half the size of the left calf. sprain is still persisting after use of major medicines.
b. A hard hit on the left sacrum due to sudden breaking, about 50 years back, often give back pain and sacrum pain in addition to left hip joint pain.
c. A fall on the back due toi
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Hydrocephalus treated with VP shunt currently having myclonic jerks

My son has congenital hydrocephalus coupled with bi lateral club foot and treated with VP shunt on 3rd day of birth.

After 3 months, he started myclonic jerks and started with allopathic medicine- Valparin immediately. When it did not control the seizures even after administering 2.5 ml 3 times a day, Clonozepam was added at 0.25 mg morning and night. This also could not control myclonic seizure and Predinisolone was added to control seizure starting from 20 mg down to 5 mg for 1 month period. This controlled myclonic, however, normal jerks were occurring still.

He has now completed one year

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New born baby having problem in the Brian – Homeopathic Treatment

Hope you are doing well. I am blessed with a baby boy on 5th March, 2015. However, there is a problem found in his brian in 9th month of pregnancy. The problem is described as follows :
Dilation of posterior horn of the right lateral ventrcle measuring 18mm.

Weight 2476grams
BPD 88mm 35 weeks 6 days
HC 329mm 37 Weeks 3 days
AC 298mm 33 weeks 6 days
FL 68mm 35weeks

After birth it went to 25mm with no other complications.
Please advise my next steps as I dont want to consult any neurosurgeon.


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My son is a Patient of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Boy
Cerebral Palsy Boy

My son Ma. R is a Patient of CP havin age 4.5 years. He is taking homeopathy treatment from last 2.8 years. nothing benifits. He was given barayta carb, calc phos, brain syrup, braino syp. Kali phos etc.. nothing help out. He is only stable at health. Do not seat without support, haves spasticity etc.. please suggest the treatment or we may present him for your clinical trials. He has hypoxic type of damage. cried late 10 mins. at the time of delivery. delivery normal. No case of M.R. in our family at both sides.

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