The Bechterev syndrome Homeopathic Treatment

I’m not a doctor but I deal with homeopathy for more than 28 years …
I not deal with the diagnosis but the symptoms that the patient has .
The Bechterev syndrome : 32 -year-old client of mine , who was treated for 6 years and came to me , I brought the first homeopathic based on the total withdrawal of the case. I recommended him Magnesium muriaticum 30C , 200C and 1M – the partial orphan and neglected mother. Subsequently , he lost his job after a year , again got to the point where he could not move. … Read the rest
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Medial Meniscus Grade 3 Tear -Homepathic Treatment please

Dear Doctor

I was fallen on ground and injured my right knee. At that time knee got swollen and I had pain. I used ice which get better result and my swelling got removed. However, I now could not walk easily & smoothly with right knee, cannot climb on stair and cannot twist fully. On MRI it has revealed grade 3b tear (Posterior horn of medial meniscus with small paramenical cyst). I also come to know that medial menicsus (innner side) have no blood supply and therefore it cannot heal itself. Doctor advise arthoscopy which i could not want to undergo.

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Ankylosing spondylitis with vertigo Homeopathic Treatment please

i am in chennai. i am affected with AS from 1994.severe pain in initial stages.but the past ten years i am completly pain free only i got pain in my right sacrolic joint but my neck totally fused in 1994 itself but other joints are normel exept spine.for the past one year i have imbalance its severe and sometimes my right ear got fullness.. is there my fused neck cured and my imbalance also.… Read the rest
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Homeopathic Treatment for Heel pain case

I came to know about your expertise in heel pain through website. I am suffering from Heel Pain for the last 12 years. Till today I have not got proper treatment and my pain is gradually increasing. Initially my pain started in right heel and now I have pain in both heel. In the beginning, I experienced heel pain during morning but now I have pain all through the day. When I sit for longer period and then stand and walk the pain is severe and it gradually decreases when I walk for some time. But pain does never subsides … Read the rest
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Cervical spondilytis Homeopathic treatment please for my father in law

my father in law had met with an accident 3 months ago while at home.he had cervical spondilytis at that time and after that accident the doctors are prescribing for surgery as he had got the fracture(as advised by some doctors)…..but at the same time they say that the operation of the same area has very minimal success rate and having danger of life too…..what to be done ,sir .pls advise whether it can be treated with homeopathy or not?… Read the rest
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Spine Tumor D1 To D7 ,Tumor With Bone T.B – Homeopathic Treatment

Dear sir,
I am Pk(26) from New Delhi, India. My accident happened in June 2003 when I was playing cricket, I happen to fall on a stone and when stood up I noticed numbness on my right leg with 30% lose of sensation. On Preliminary examination and X-RAY/MRI a doctor have diagnosed me with Spinal Tumor at D1 to D9 level and as tumor is very small and was advised to do physiotherapy which I continued till 2009. Since I noticed that the numbness feeling increased, we consulted a neurosurgeon and got advice to remove my tumor as it has developed.… Read the rest
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Right leg pain and feels heavy – suggest Homeopathy

Dear Sir,

Good day to you.

My new patient name Mr. RQ, Age: 48, weigh some overweight, belly is big found.
His right leg pain and feels heavy,
waist ach

He has taten firstly allopathy, homeo and others treatment  but no result. Next he came to me and I gave him firstly causticum 200C 2 days feels good but no result next I gave him Medo 200 one dose some cure was found after some days same  as like before. Recently he feels very difficult Two days ago again gave him causticum but no result. Pls suggest me any remedy.

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Cervical Spondolysis: severe pain in LEFT SHOULDER and forearm

Cervical Spondolysis
Pain Left Shoulder

I have been experiencing severe pain in LEFT SHOULDER and forearm with inability to take the hand backwards. Digital X-Ray report-
Moderat reduction seen in C5-C6 space.
Anterior Osteophytes seen from lower margines of C4,C5,&C6 VB.
I am taking Kalmia Lati 30 with Mag Phos 6x.
Pls suggest remedy .

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Burst Vertbral Fracture

my 21 year old son was injured in a car accident on the 21st Jan 2011. His t6 t7 vertebrae were fractured- t7 was a burst fracture where bone penetrated the spinal cord. The surgeon refused to operate to remove the fragments from the cord. He is paralyzed solar plexus down. could you kindly suggest remedies to get the body to expel the fragments from the spinal cord, dissolve scar tissue hindering neurons from rejoining and nerve regeneration.… Read the rest
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Necrosis on femur head

I have necrosis on my femur head from last some years in my right leg.

Can u suggest the homeopathic medicine.

I found the details on the website.

Homoeopathic Management:
No restriction of the movements
Asked him to do all the activites

Sepia 1M                                    3                      Doses

Bio-combinaton No.26                 BD                   15 Days

This is my personal 20

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