I had two red & dry patches on cheeks -Homeopathic Treatment please

I am 24 years old girl, before 6 months I had two red & dry patches on cheeks. I went to doctor and prescribed me to use desowen cream. After application for two days the patches started increase and the region of both full cheeks became red and highly inflamed, itchy and swelled. My derma was shocked from this side effect of desowen cream. Now my situation is that before this problem my skin was oily but now its too dry and facial redness over cheeks and forehead is still present. I used dermocalm ,elovera skin lotion but no effect … Read the rest
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6 Best Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Dark Skin

Case Presentation:
​Hi Doctor,
                Am Ss from India,am having dark skin since birth,but it doesn’t work well and suit for my profession,so i need you to suggest some homeopathic solutions for me,yum i heard bout Taraxacum q and Chicory,so if u have these items to me
Waiting for ur’e rly
Thank You​

6 Best Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Dark Skin:
Below are the best Homeopathic remedies when natural skin becomes dark.

Arsenicum Album is Homeopathic remedy for dark skin with rough scaly eruptions:
      Itching, burning, swellings; oedema; eruption,

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Skin disorder

My daughter, 28 yrs, came home from an outdoor concert with a serious inflammation of the nose, both inside and under, raw,cracked…spread around lips,etc. eventually affected finger tips. was diagnosed as ‘nose strep infection’now being called ‘éxczema’, keeps reoccuring, this time affected the inside of mouth. have found info on arum-triphyllum but not sure it applys…please, can u help?

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