Case of distended stomach and diarrhea

  Name Hema
Country USA
Subject Case of distended stomach and diarrhea
Message I am a house wife with 3 children i was leading normal life and then my case got messed up by over usage of remedies. I dont have any abnormal labs but i feel very week and could not able to digest food without the help of remedies.

Please let me know how do you take the case.

Remedy Suggest medicine for me
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Case of Uveitis

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Country*: usa
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Subject*: uveitis
Message*: I have anterior uveitis in my left eye. It started about two months ago. I went to the doctor and he gave me steroid drops, which made it go away, but now it came back. My eye is very red, and the eye ball pains. Vision is not affected, but the eye feels heavier than the other one. I have put on a lot of weight, especially around my stomach,in the last year due to
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