Anxiety and panic attacks Homeopathic Treatment Please

Since five years am suffereing with stiffness in lower extremeties with feeling of Hard skin and or soreness of foot soles.Had fluctuating HIgh BP & prediabetic but since 2/3 months BP and diabetes are normal owing my 100% natural raw food diet.
Some 2 months before I started getting anxiety and panic attacks,which are responeded well with Aconite 200 and 1M but had to repeated after 6/7 days.Please instruct me further for details of my symptoms.

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  1. Pokud mohu doporučit, tak Argentum nitricum 30C do 10 ml.lihového 30 % roztoku jeden den, druhý den přidat 200C a třetí den 1 M. vždy 5 kapek jednou denně. Následně čekáme a další podání volíme podle reakce klienta. EG

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