My mom suffering from Breast cancer Homeopathy please

My mom suffering from Breast cancer, now it has spread towards her bones entire skull, bilateral humerus, bilateral, clavicle, bilateral scapula, sternum, multiple bilateral ribs, entire spinal column, and bilateral femur represents metastasis.

we are already taking hydrastis canadensis 1M, phytolacca 1M, Thuja 1M, Pain relief eupatorium perfoliatum, conium maculatum 200 for lump in her breast, syphilinum 1M for long bone pains in the night and aggravation, Ruta G 1M for bone strengthening, The problem we have is we don know if the potency is right are the dosage time is wrong, we give Hydra, phy, thuja together after breakfast and lunch, she has pain in her left side of head and face accompanied with numbness she is till having pain in her bilateral ribs, Can you provide a suggestion Please.

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  1. cancers are complex diseases where the immune system is in a very low state of affair. the medicines which have been told in your descriptions seems to be specific rather than constitutional. a through professional approach is necessary to treat such kind of complex disease with metastasis. with the description above, the disease has hit its max stage. we shall give it a try. you give the complete details of the case at, so that i can study the case and come back to you.

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