A Case of Amenorrhoea

Name Manjula
Country India
Subject Amenorrhoea
Message hai sirr dis is manjula … i thnk u remember me.. dis is my own casee..iam sufferingg with irregular and delayed menses since frm the time of menarche which is at the age of 15 yrs.. frm den onwards it is so irregular and my last lmp is in the month of december 2011..to rule outt causes i got my thyroid profile checked which is noramll …n 2yrs back i hav done abdominal scan which revealed PCOD n also i hav gone through completed horaml analysis based on dat i used some hormal pills named duoloton for nealry 7monthss while usingg datt it was regularr bt i was not satisfied with datt n i stopped using datt in the minth of august 2011…afterr datt in the month of dec i got my period and it was the lastt…4m the beginning onwards i neglected n nw iam worrying….aprat 4m dis my mother is also have the same prob n everything was noraml after her marriagee… reg other complaints my skin is so drryy which is so extreme.. hair fall is so extreme

whith full of dandrufff.. n iam suffening withh piles alsoo externally n i used to suffer with dem alsoo with burning after passing stool. nw it was a little bit ok…n i extremlyy crave forr non veggg…very much desiree for datt …. sir dis is complaintt in detaill which iam suffering withh n i took puls 30,200,n 1m butt no use of it…soo i requst u to suggest a medicine n make me to get rid of my complaintt sirrr….thanku u sirr….

Remedy Suggest medicine for me

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2 Thoughts to “A Case of Amenorrhoea”

  1. dr.simmi

    You should try natrum mur 200 3 doses in 1 day morning evening n afternoon and wait n watch

  2. dr.simmi

    You can try natrum muriaticum 200 3doses in a day morn eve n afternoon.then wait n watch.

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