Hepatitis B

Respected Sir,
I am 67 yrs old male retired from Indian Navy. Brief medical history –
1) Hypertension past 30 yrs. On medication.
2) Pacemaker recently renewed. Mostly on my intrisic rythm. Angio CLEAR.
3)Developed Hep B in 2003-4 after angiography. LFTs been normal/marginally out. Recently Brb showed 1.9. SGOT about 40.
4) Have been having temporal & Occipital more or less continuous headcahes past two years. Brain CT did not show any majorly problem. Some age related changes.
5) Prostate enlarged. BPH. Have slow start of micturation but managing.

I was delighted to read your article on curing Hep B. Amazing. I was given a dose of Carcinosin by a doc here in Nagpur – mainly beacuse of Cancer in family history.

Great if you can help me with Hep B and headaches (though better now)and some help for Prostate.

Regards. Cmde. GR

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