Homeopathic case treatment for Cysticercosis

I have had MRI, X-ray, stool and blood test, and all have been negative. I have a bony elevation on my left clavicle that simply appeared one day, as well as a large lump beneath my left elbow. My motor skills in my left hand are decreasing, and I feel movement in the lump. I also feel movement in most of my joints, and my gait is unsteady at best. I am getting weaker, and frustrated. Even my naturopath doesn’t listen. I saw your remedy using wormwood, 30 thrice daily. Is it for 30 drops, mg, not sure how the remedy is supplied. I would be very grateful for any advice.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank You, Doctor
    I am a 53 year old female.
    Good health most of my life, no major illnesses. I have had to have extensive dental work done, and have taken a lot of antibiotics. Several years ago began to struggle with eczema and chronic constipation, suspected parasites, and did herbal cleanse. I then saw what appeared to be part of a large tapeworm in the toilet, but symptoms persisted. I began to have a "slip" in my left knee, and pain in my left shoulder. Not really sure how long the lump on my elbow has been there, but the bony elevation on my left clavicle came sometime afterward. I began to experience decreased motor skills in my left hand. My gait continued to worsen, and I saw a naturopath that diagnosed me with celiac disease. For some time, I have felt squiggling movement in my joints, up and down my spine, and in different muscle groups. My b12 in my labs was extremely low, so i was started on injections. The squiggling continued. My eosinophilis were also elevated. I have also had some unsteadiness. I was sent for MRI of head and spine, with and without contrast, they were unremarkable. My arm and clavicle were xrayed, and my elbow had ultrasound. I keep getting told it is only scar tissue, but I have never had injury in these areas. I had a specialized three part stool test and the only thing that came back on it was candida overgrowth. I went in on my own for a blood test, also negative for parasites. I feel very strongly that parasites are the problem, I don't know why the tests are negative. A gluten, dairy, and sugar free diet have not helped. I have also had a lot of floaters in my vision for years. Sinus problems for years, no sense of smell following upper respiratory infection in1994. I don't typically suffer from depression, but I have been very frustrated recently.

    I thank you very much for taking the time to listen. I wish more people listened to what the patient is feeling, not just what the tests say. I appreciate you very much.

    1. Dear J I have gone through your case details, I suggest you to take just 3 pills single dose of Homeopathic medicine Kali Bich 200c, and let me know the symptoms after 15 days. Please don't take kali bich 200c daily.

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