Medial Meniscus Grade 3 Tear -Homepathic Treatment please

Dear Doctor

I was fallen on ground and injured my right knee. At that time knee got swollen and I had pain. I used ice which get better result and my swelling got removed. However, I now could not walk easily & smoothly with right knee, cannot climb on stair and cannot twist fully. On MRI it has revealed grade 3b tear (Posterior horn of medial meniscus with small paramenical cyst). I also come to know that medial menicsus (innner side) have no blood supply and therefore it cannot heal itself. Doctor advise arthoscopy which i could not want to undergo. Is there any treatment available in homeopathy despite knowing fact that there is no blood supply of inner side of meniscus ? Kindly help me.

Shahid Ahmed

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One Thought to “Medial Meniscus Grade 3 Tear -Homepathic Treatment please”

  1. dr ghassan zed

    Taking permission from dr devendra
    Just to help you as homeopath I advice u
    To take Argentum metalicum 6ch 2 times a day ,sympytium 9ch once a day ,Rhustox 200 twice per month Bryonia 9ch 1 time a day for 3 days per month

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