Multiple Symptoms

I am 60 year old male from ukraine, suffered KGB persecution  and driven from my country. As a child I had some lack of confidence but had a good childhood, preferred to be alone and still do. I developed malaria , treated with quinine when I worked in Africa and after several years when I visited Russia I developed the same symptoms (fever, chills, weakness). Then I developed wheezing and coughing episodes . The cough is dry and very difficult to bring up sputum. I feel very weak after trying, instant cofee helps to bring it up, open air helsp my breathing, deep breathing helps and talking worsens my cough. then I got chronic nasal congestion ever since I took a shower in the winter and had to speak on the phone half naked after drying myself. One day I awoke with severe weakness, unable to get out of bed and, unable to eat, unable to control my urine, It was found that I had a spinal hematoma. This resolved and I developed muscle cramps in my feet with decreased sensation. My feet and legs feel heavy like steel. I feel like there is not enough room to breathe, even the houses seem too close, I desire very hot drinks and must gulp and like hot food. I like to sleep with the window open in warm weather, I have always been in a hurry with eat, walk and talking, I have a hoarse voice, I hate rudeness . It makes me very angry and Iam very critical, I dislike consolation. I sleep well but I do snore.

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