Homeopatic tratemet of retina detachment in myopia

My daughter 21 yr old having high myopia(-16) in both eye’s from the birth. She lost her left vision in 2005 due retina detachment. In Jan 2012, in her right has got retina detachment and got attached by buckling. Also in June 2012 have developed cataract and IOL has been done. Now in Dec, 2013 some tears has developed on retina and it is done by leaser. Day by day the condition is going bad. Doctor given red alert. I read your blogs and I hope there is any treatment in homeopathy for treatment of retina. If yes please tell me. Thank you

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  1. Anonymous

    Pulsatilla, Silicea are very good remedies for floater eyes, flashing and other symptoms of Retinal detachment.

  2. Arnica and Ruta are good to regain eye muscle strength…

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