Stramonium is Best Homeopathy Nightmares Remedy

A nightmare is a disagreeable dream that can root a sturdy emotional reply from the mind, naturally fear or shock but also despondency, anxiety and immense unhappiness. The dream may contain state of risk, worry, psychological or physical fear. Victims often get up in a state of agony and may not return to sleep for a long-standing period.

Night terrors and nightmares can occur around the age of 18 to 36 months, when the infant begins to walk and talk.

Night mare

The two main Homeopathy remedies for Nightmares are :


A person’s psychomotor and emotional development is established along the line of life in three successive periods of 7 years each: birth to 7 years, 7 to 14 years and finally 14 to 21 years.

The existential anxiety, or night terrors of the little child become the death fears during the first years of school.

During adolescence, it might become a suicide attempt due to the a  difficulty in verbalizing their emotional anxieties.

The anxiety remains with the person  their  whole life, but is expressed differently according to the different stages of development.

Nightmares are the way the unconscious mind allows a person to release their pent up emotional stresses from the day and play in their secret gardens.

See : anger, anxiety, delusions, dreams, excitement, fears, nervousness, noises, odors, restlessness, schooling, sighing, teething, tetany, weeping, yawning.

Stramonium is Best Homeopathic Remedy for Nightmare.These patients has STRONG FEARS AT NIGHT. WAKE WITH TERROR, Patients of stramonium constitution with nightmares have wild look in the eyes. Half awake, half dreaming. Stramonium Child wants to sleep with the parents. Nightmares Often seen in people without violent behaviour, but with very strong fears.

Kali Bromatum is also very good remedy for Night Mares:

Nightmares in Kali Bromatum Patient are having following symptoms. People suffer from Restless sleep. Extreme drowsiness but without sleep. Sleeplessness due to worry and grief and sexual excess. Night terrors. Patients with nightmares have Grinding teeth in sleep. Horrible dreams of Children.Somnambulism.

PAEONIA OFFICINALIS : Is an excellent remedy for nightmares in which patients also suffer from following symptoms like  AFFECTIONS OF THE RECTUM  , rectal abscess, fissure, fistula, hemorrhoids etc. Night mares with terrifying dreams is very well marked in Paeonia.


Is also great Homeopathic Remedy for Night Mares. These sulphur patients are Self-conscious. SELFISH. Egotism.
and usually self-confident. Domineering.
Sulphur Patient Mind is CRITICAL. Thinks himself better. Eventually DISGUST for others.

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