The Bechterev syndrome Homeopathic Treatment

I’m not a doctor but I deal with homeopathy for more than 28 years …
I not deal with the diagnosis but the symptoms that the patient has .
The Bechterev syndrome : 32 -year-old client of mine , who was treated for 6 years and came to me , I brought the first homeopathic based on the total withdrawal of the case. I recommended him Magnesium muriaticum 30C , 200C and 1M – the partial orphan and neglected mother. Subsequently , he lost his job after a year , again got to the point where he could not move. There were psychological stress – fear of the future – given Gelsemium 200C and 1M. Pain subsided . His pain began when the emotional burden …. Then I advised Kali phosphoricum 1 M. All the drugs that previously enjoyed in the treatment of conventional medicine alone dropped off right at the beginning of treatment after administration of Magnesium muriaticum .
Sincerely, Elizabeth Grazová

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